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What you need to know about parcel shipping in Moldova in England

We all have close people left in England to whom we send parcels from the country or vice versa, they send packages to Moldova. Whether you want to send or receive parcels here are some things that will help you:
Pack the right product package inside!
When using a parcel shipping company, make sure the products are properly packaged. If you send fragile products, let the courier know how to handle the package.

For packaging, use double-layer cartons to protect the contents both inside and outside. Ensure that the products in the box are individually wrapped with paper or foil and that the box is lined with polystyrene inside. If the package contains fragile products, fill the spaces between them with cardboard sheets to avoid colliding with each other. To seal the package uses adhesive tape. If the items in the parcel are fragile, it is recommended to mention this work on the box.
Find information about what you can and can not send in England!
If you want to send products that you are not sure about being legal or do not know how much they are allowed to be transported, it is advisable to discuss with the shipping company because until they reach their destination in England, the package goes through several countries and each has different rules on the transport of some products.
Forbidden are: white guns, firearms, ammunition and explosives, fireworks, firecrackers and other pyrotechnic materials, flammable products, drugs, ethnobotanic substances, alcohol, cigarettes and other tobacco products (including spilled tobacco), medicines, plants, seeds or germs, animals, valuables, jewels, precious stones, perishable food.

When you call a company that transports packages from Moldova  to England, it takes into account the above tips, and they are also valid and vice versa.